YES, we have replaced our seats!

Here are the highlights:

  • They are comfy cozy, and recline about 30 degrees, with a twist out tray to hold your beverages, snacks, etc.  
  • Arm rests are much more generous, allowing both sides of the seat to rest comfortably without fighting over the arm rest.
  • Drinks sit comfortably in a recessed holder 
  • Seats are spaced far enough apart to allow plenty of leg room and for more petite guests to see over the seats (and heads) in front of you
  • Seats are solid and do not collapse.  In other words, you will not lose your coat, keys, purse, or small children if you set them in the seat next to you
  • Seats are roomy for those of us who are no longer at our high school weight (let's face it!)
  • We replaced every seat in the house - all theaters


Thank you for your continued support, which allows us to bring in these beautiful seats!